Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is still a relatively new technique, which involves gaining access behind the dent and gently massaging and manipulating the steel back to its original shape without damaging your vehicle’s paint. This eliminates the need for body fillers and expensive paintwork, while maintaining your car’s factory finish.

So, why should you choose Paintless Dent Repair over the tried and tested panel beaters method? Of course cost is always a big factor. PDR usually costs around 70% less than conventional repair. We focus ONLY on the damaged area, whereas a panel beater will sand the damage and surrounding area, then use fillers to cover (not repair) the dent, before a spray painter sands and paints the entire panel (and often surrounding panels). This usually starts at $300 per panel, compared to a repair from QB Dent Free, which starts as low as $80, and leaves no sign the dent was ever there.

Time is a major factor in deciding between PDR and conventional repair. Most panel shops will want your car for a minimum of 3 days for even the simplest repair, whereas QB Dent Free can come to your home and repair your car often in a matter of minutes. Hail damaged cars can often be repaired in a single working day, where a body shop would want your car for weeks.

PDR is also totally environmentally friendly, using NO nasty chemicals and releasing no nasty dust into the atmosphere and your lungs.

If you have any questions about the tools and techniques involved, or PDR in general, contact us and we will be happy to help.