Will PDR damage my paint?

No. Modern paints are quite strong and flexible. QB Dent Free’s highly trained and experienced technician will assess your paintwork for existing or possible damage prior to any repair and give you a run down of any possible risks.

My paint is damaged from the impact, is there anything you can do about this?

We do not re-spray damaged panels. In most cases, any paint transfers or light scratches can be polished out. In other cases, you can purchase bottles of touch up paint from QB Dent Free. If major paint damage is present, we can point you towards one of many spray painters QB Dent Free works closely with in your area. Please contact us for advice on the best course of action in regards to paint damage.

I’ve heard PDR involves drilling holes to get behind the dent.

QB Dent Free will never, ever drill a hole in any car unless the owner insists. It is our policy that on the very rare occasion where a dent cannot be repaired without drilling a hole, then conventional repair is the better option for you.

How do you get behind the dent then?

We use a variety of high quality custom tools to reach behind braces, through wiring holes, and many other creative access methods. In some cases, tail lights, door trims etc may need to be carefully removed and replaced. All access methods can be explained to you along with your free quote, by contacting us.

I’m very busy and can’t do without my car.

Our mobile “workshop on wheels” can come to you wherever you are. All you need to provide is a shady spot. A garage or carport is perfect, or even a big tree. In some cases a power point is also required, but you will be informed of what we need upon making a booking.

My car has a dent right on a body line, can you fix this?

At QB Dent Free we are constantly hearing people say “I know you can’t fix this, but…”. Usually when we hear this it is on a relatively simple dent or crease. Don’t always believe the rumours you may have heard. Even if your dent is on a body line, close to the edge of a panel or under a brace, almost every part of your car can be accessed and repaired. Instead of assuming your dent can’t be fixed, contact us for a free quote, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

How much will PDR cost me?

PDR repairs usually cost about 70% less than traditional repair methods. A repair by QB Dent Free starts at $80, but will depend on the size, depth and location of your dent. Contact us for your no obligation, free quote.

What can’t be fixed using PDR?

Larger dents, such as collision damage, where the steel has stretched significantly, or where the panel’s frame has been damaged, cannot be repaired using PDR methods. Our trained technician will inform you if your dent cannot be repaired, and help you find a quality local body shop.